Sigma Alpha Phi

About SPA

The Honor Society was founded in 1958 by members of the Section on Dental Hygiene Education of the American Dental Education Association. It is the vision of Sigma Phi Alpha to enhance the dental hygiene profession's role and image in the delivery of quality healthcare to the public..

Sigma Phi Alpha is the national honor society of the dental hygiene profession. Membership in Sigma Phi Alpha is comprised of elected dental hygiene educators and of graduates from accredited dental hygiene programs with high scholastic achievement.?

The purpose of Sigma Phi Alpha is to promote, recognize, and honor scholarship, leadership, and service among dental hygiene students and graduates of dental hygiene programs. Thereby the Honor Society encourages electees to contribute to the advancement of the dental hygiene profession.

Our Goals

Sigma Phi Alpha strives to stimulate scholarship, professional accomplishment, and exemplary service in the field of dental hygiene in order to enhance the profession's role in health care.? The Honor Society recognizes individual scholastic achievement through scholarships.

Sigma Phi Alpha's goals include:
  • Promoting scholarly educational programs for dental hygienists at meetings and conferences.
  • Providing scholarships for undergraduate and graduate dental hygiene students.
  • Developing scholarships to support chapters.
  • Selecting and recognizing honorary and corporate electees who contribute significantly to the Honor Society's goals.