Sigma Alpha Phi


Stoles & Keypins

To order, simply print out the PDF version of our Order Form and mail it (along with your payment) to:

Teresa B. Duncan, RDH, MDH – SPA Treasurer

School of Health Related Professions, Dental Hygiene

University of Mississippi Medical Center

2500 North State St.

Jackson, MS 39216

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Sigma Phi Alpha Keypin*

*Please allow two months for delivery.

Beautiful gold pin in the shape of the SPA key symbol. $30.00 each.

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Sigma Phi Alpha Stoles*

*Please allow six to eight weeks for delivery.

#332 Stole in 120 White Washable Satin

$38.75 each 
6 or more $33.70 each.

#338 Stole in 120 White Washable Satin with Purple Braid Edging (pictured)

$43.59  each 
6 or more, $37.90 each.

#D121 SPA Gold Key Monogram (pictured)

Please note on wearers LEFT or RIGHT hand side.  $13.10 each.


Honor Cord

Double strand honor cord

(deep purple/bright gold)
$15.70  each.

Brochures, Certificates, and Letterhead

  • Sigma Phi Alpha Membership Certificate (all types) - $15.00 each
  • Sigma Phi Alpha Envelopes - $20.00 for 100
  • Sigma Phi Alpha Letterhead Stationary - $20.00 for 100
  • Sigma Phi Alpha Brochures - $16.00 for 25
  • Sigma Phi Alpha Certificates of Appreciation - Printed: $10.00 each
  • Chapter Certificate - Printed: $15.00 each