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Hu-Friedy Scholarship

The Sigma Phi Alpha Hu-Friedy scholarship is sponsored by Hu-Friedy and is awarded at the Sigma Phi Alpha Annual Session each Spring which is held in conjunction with the American Dental Education Association Annual Session. 

The scholarship was established at the Sigma Phi Alpha Annual Session in March 1998 which was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The first award was presented in March of 1999 at the Annual Session in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

The purpose of the scholarship is to award a Sigma Phi Alpha component chapter $500.00 towards the purchase of Hu-Friedy hand held instruments, ultrasonic inserts, cassettes, and other associated products. 

Scholarship Committee 

The Sigma Phi Alpha/Hu-Friedy Scholarship Committee is comprised of:

  1. Immediate-Past President (chair of scholarship committee)
  2. Hu-Friedy representative - normally the school representative at the institution of the Immediate-Past President 
  3. SPA Member at Large - selected by the Immediate-Past President

Selection Process

The Component Chapter must be a chapter organized within a dental hygiene program that is accredited by a national agency recognized by the Society, or within a program that was in good standing with accreditation prior to closing. 

  1. Component Chapters must be active members of SPA for at least 2 years prior to submitting the application.
  2. Applicants who are applying on behalf of the component chapter must be voting members (faculty, charter, or alumni) of an active component chapter.
  3. The Component Chapter by-laws cannot be in conflict with those of the Society. All Component Chapters will be required to submit a current copy of their component chapter by-laws.
  4. Complete the application form. The form includes one page of general information as well as brief essay questions that demonstrates how the component chapter (member or members) has contributed to the field of dental hygiene in the areas of scholarship, leadership, and service. 

A copy of the application and selelction criteria may be obtained below.